Frederick Clegg collects pretty things…….pretty dead things!!!!

However, killing his latest specimen, pretty and privileged art student Miranda Grey, is the last thing he wants.

Obsessed with Miranda, the repressed, introverted and butterfly collecting Frederick’s luck changes when he wins the lottery and after buying a deserted house in the country, he abducts and imprisons her in the cellar, hoping he can make her fall in love with him.

His fantasy is soon shattered as reality bites and Miranda tries to manipulate the relationship to persuade Frederick to set her free. How far will she go, what steps will she take, to secure her freedom? Will she succeed?

The tense action unfolds in claustrophobic surroundings and reaches its taut climax. Who will survive to tell the tale? With Keiron James as Frederick and Chloey Rose as Miranda.

2011 Caxton Theatre

The Collector