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Saturday, 5 September – Saturday, 12 September 2015

The 39 Steps

- a main house production

From the book by John Buchan and film by Alfred Hitchcock.
Adapted for the stage by Patrick Barlow.

Directed by Robert Till

The 39 Steps follows the adventures of Richard Hannay. Hannay goes to a theatre to see a performance of intelligence by a man called Mr. Memory when some shots ring out in the theatre. Hannay finds a young woman in his arms who convinces him to take her to his apartment. There she tells him a story of conspiracies and spies and secret organisations and an evil mastermind, who's missing part of his finger. At first Hannay doesn't believe her, but later that night the woman is killed in Hannay's apartment and Hannay becomes the chief suspect in her murder. He makes his escape across the countryside in an attempt to discover the secret that the young lady was attempting to uncover.

Based on the classic novel and Hitchcock film this comedy play is still being performed in the West End after eight years.

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2011 Caxton Theatre

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The 39 Steps 1