Saturday, 9 May to Saturday, 16 May 2015


- a main house production

Written by Jimmie Chinn

Directed by Debra West

Gordon proposes to Sylvia, after ten years of courting, and throws his family, and Sylvia's, into turmoil. Joyce and Vic, Sylvia's parents, are hardly the sort of people Gordon's pompous father, Stanley, wants his family connected with, and Vic feels much the same in return. Sylvia's best friend, Yvonne, isn't much help either - as she's all too ready to deflate Sylvia's joy with her cynical, world-weary comments.

Against the odds, the two warring families co-operate in the wedding preparations and all looks set for success - but fate intervenes. The spirited comedy of the early scenes gives way to bitter again family values and relationships are given a stern examination in a stylish Chinn piece.

2011 Caxton Theatre

Sylvias Wedding