Saturday, 6 September to Saturday, 13 September 2014


- a main house production

Written by Andy Evans

Directed by Brian Blakey

The play follows the fortunes of a Grimsby family at the outbreak of the Great War as two brothers, Edwin and Harold Fairfield, volunteer to serve King and Country on the fields of France with the 10th Battalion of the Lincolnshire Regiment.

Little do they realise the horrors that lie ahead of them at La Boiselle on The Somme. Based on a true story, dramatised for the stage, "Pro Patria Mori" is an attempt to understand what motivated the men of Grimsby and district to make the ultimate sacrifice and the impact it had on the town.

During the First World War, Grimsby formed one of Lord Kitchener's pals' battalions and over a thousand men served in what has become known as "The Grimsby Chums". Many never returned and this play is dedicated to the memory of all who served and are now departed. Playwright Andy Evans has worked with the Regimental Association of the Royal Anglian and Lincolnshire Regiment and the families of a number of men who served, to commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of the recruitment of this battalion.


Pro Patria Mori A4 poster

2011 Caxton Theatre