A Farce within a Farce within a Farce.

When his wife, Elizabeth, runs off with Ronald, the major decides to solve his debt problems by letting the basement flat of his wife’s house to two different tenants simultaneously! Jill, who works in Brussels, only uses the flat at weekends, while Philip, a barrister, lives there during the week. The Major simply swaps over their belongings at the beginning and end of each week and everything runs smoothly. That is, until Jill is unexpectedly given a week off work, just as Philip returns to the flat after his weekend out of town. Further complications arise with the arrival of Elizabeth and Ronald, particularly when Elizabeth lets the flat again. The Major’s resourcefulness will be stretched to breaking point, in order for him to somehow pull off his little scheme. With a wild confusion of mistaken identities, awkward confrontations and hectic misunderstandings, this is one super funny farce you do not want to miss!

2011 Caxton Theatre

Home is Where Your Clothes Are