2011 Caxton Theatre

Saturday, 4 July – Saturday, 11 July 2015

Double Double

- a main house production

Written by Eric Elice and Roger Rees

Directed by Cathy Bennett-Ryan

Phillipa James has plucked down and out Duncan McFee from London's Embankment and installed him in a luxury apartment, purely as a business arrangement based on Duncan's uncanny resemblance to her late husband Richard, who unfortunately died just prior to his 60th birthday, when he would inherit a million pounds. All Duncan has to do for a half share is impersonate Richard at a birthday party and convince the family solicitor that Richard is alive, well and still married to Phillipa. But Phillipa didn't expect to fall in love with Duncan and has she told him the whole truth? A stunning climax leaves the audience intrigued. Starring Geraldine Godwin as Phillipa and Bruce Forster as Duncan.