The weddings bells are over, Corrie (Della Brett) is preparing their flat, “apartment” using the American expression. It’s a 5th storey apartment, excluding the “stoop” outside – (a flight of steps). Corrie is quite pleased with herself. She has found a “quite” plausible first apartment! Paul (Sam Brierley), her new husband, doesn’t think the same! Hail the mother of Corrie, Mrs Banks (Christine Cornthwaite), she is torn between the daughter and her new husband, and she is quite a character as you will see!

Enter Victor Valasco (Steve Rayner). He comes into their lives and all hell is let loose, or should I say Heaven? The cast is made up finally by a telephone man and a delivery man, both very amusing characters in their way.

Come along and enjoy a very funny and amusing play.

2011 Caxton Theatre

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